At FishTales we strive on providing a sustainable, high-quality product that does not result in any by-catch (unwanted fish or marine life caught during commercial fishing). We are environmentally conservative, only selling fish considered to have strong populations, being sure to avoid any and all fish that are affected by overfishing. All our seafood is harvested from hook and line fisherman or spearfisherman; we do not sell any product unethically caught.


FishTales only sells wild seafood harvested from the ocean. The ocean is an environment that cannot be replicated; saltwater products result in a much higher end product due to the rich environment they live in. Most farm-raised fish are raised in pens with poor water quality and are typically fed man-made products, which result in an inferior product. Wild fish also tend to be a cleaner option and are much less susceptible to bacteria and parasites.


All of our products are bought from small owner-run vessels allowing us to provide a product that is far superior to our competitors. These vessels come in and out of port every day to unload their catch compared to a large vessel that can stay offshore for weeks at a time. Providing a product that showcases the quality of what mother nature has to offer is our goal here at FishTales.


We pride ourselves on always considering our impact on the environment. Our packaging is made from a corn byproduct and is completely biodegradable. Our subscription based service allows for a no waste product as we know our quantities up front and our practice of providing seafood based on availability rather than demand helps to minimize our impact of stressed fish populations.