At FishTales our mission is not just to provide fresh, sustainable seafood but to educate people on the various species of fish available to them. Below is a list of fish we provide with information on each. There’s a lot to learn about fish and we hope to help inform you on what you’re eating as well as answer some of your questions.


Black Sea Bass live in a wide variety of depths ranging from 20 to 300 feet and are found along the entire U.S Atlantic coast. They typically congregate in large schools and are actually a member of the grouper family. Black Sea Bass flesh is firm and lean, with a mild, delicate flavor and are fantastic eating. They can be cooked a multitude of ways but the most common being pan searing, broiling, or steaming. Enjoy this fish with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or a Pilsner.


The Cobia is found in many different environments ranging from the shorelines of Florida to hundreds of miles offshore on man-made structures, like oil rigs. Also known by Ling or Lemonfish, the Cobia’s name varies by region. Cobias are considered firmer in texture and fuller in flavor. It is great grilled, blackened, or pan seared and can handle strong seasonings and flavors extremely well. Enjoy this fish with a glass of Syrah, an IPA, or even with a Cider.


Corvina live in many different parts of the world ranging from North and South America to even Africa. They typically live in the shallows or on reefs. The corvina has a texture that is white and flakey with a mild sweet taste.  Cooking methods include grilled, baked, or fried, it’s also a popular choice for ceviche in Central America. Enjoy this fish with a Chardonnay, Pilsner or Sangria.


Flounders are typically found in the shallows in southern regions and can be found on deep wrecks and sand flats in more northern regions. They are considered a flat fish, so the fillets are typically thin, but make incredible table fair. The mild taste of Flounder is sweet and has a delicate texture with small flakes. The Flounder is actually one of the more sweet and delicate fish out there. It is excellent on the griddle or fried. This fish pairs well with Sauvignon Blanc, Lagers, and Pilsners.


The Golden Tilefish is a hidden gem and one of the favorites here at FishTales. It is a deep-water fish caught in depths typically ranging between 600 and 900 feet. It has a subtle sweet flavor similar to lobster or crab. The meat is very delicate so you must treat it with care. The Tilefish is great blackened, baked, or pan seared. This fish pairs well with Rosé, Pinot Noir, or Amber beers.


The Grouper is known as the king of the reef ranging from shallow reefs out to depths of over 1000 feet. The main Groupers we source are Black, Yellowedge, Scamp, Gag, and Red Groupers. They have a mild but very unique flavor. Its meat cooks up firm, with big flakes and holds its moisture better than many other fish. Grouper can be cooked almost any way you like and are great grilled, fried, sautéed, or broiled. Enjoy this fish with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, Wheat beers, or Lagers. Grouper also goes great with light to big reds.


The Hogfish is normally referred to as a Hog Snapper but in reality it’s not in the snapper family at all; the hogfish actually belongs to the Wrasse family. They live in warm Caribbean waters and are considered to be the most prized fish on the reefs by many anglers, which is probably because of their incredible table fair. Hogfish are mild, white and flaky. They are great crusted, sautéed, or baked.  Enjoy this fish with a lighter beverage that will not overpower the mild, sweet flavor of the fish. It pairs well with Rosé, tropical Sangria, or just a classic Corona and lime.


It’s the fish so nice they named it twice. Mahi are often found in large schools offshore and are attracted to floating objects such as logs and other debris where they can find smaller fish to feed on. They are found throughout the world, are very prolific, and can grow up to 40lbs in a year, which makes them a very resilient fish to commercial fishing. Their flesh is white, mild and firm. They are great for grilling, pan searing, or even frying (makes an awesome fish sandwich). Enjoy this fish with an Amber Lager or Pinot Noir.


Pompano can be found in the rivers but are more typically found feeding in the surf on the beach. Pompano meat is firm but finely flakes, with a sweet, medium to fuller flavor. The flesh is pearly white when cooked and is a favorite by many chefs because of its versatility. Pompano are great grilled, sautéed, or broiled. They hold up well with strong seasonings and flavors. Enjoy this fish with an IPA, Chardonnay, or a nice Pinot Noir.


Salmon are found in cold waters throughout the world. They play a main role in the overall fish consumption and because of their demand have suffered in quality in many regions. Here at FishTales when we purchase Salmon we only source it from fisherman who take pride in what they do, not giant commercial vessels. When we do get Salmon, they’re typically either Chinook (King) or Coho (Silver), overnighted down to us from various regions. Salmon are excellent grilled, smoked, or pan seared. Enjoy this fish with fruity Chardonnays, full body reds, or an IPA.


Snappers are found throughout the entire world in a wide variety of environments. They are typically found on reefs from 20 to 200 feet but deep-water snappers can be found out to 1500 feet. The main snappers we source are the Mutton, Red, Queen, Yelloweye, Yellowtail, Mangrove, and Vermilion Snapper. They have a sweet and buttery flavor with a firm but flaky texture. It is great prepared any way but lighter flavors are better. These fish pair well with Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Wheat beers or Lagers.


Striped Bass inhabit the North Eastern waters of the U.S., especially known around the Montauk, New York area. The wild version doesn’t even compare to the more typical farmed version you see. Wild Striped Bass are rich in flavor and have a large, firm flake. You can cook this fish many ways like poaching, steaming, grilling, or pan searing. This fish would pair well with Pinot Noir, Pale Ale or Chardonnay.


The Swordfish is known as the gladiator of the seas. This powerhouse of a fish typically weighs about 100lbs but can weigh over 700lbs. Found in extreme depths of over 1500 feet Swordfish spend their days on the bottom and journey all the way to the surface at night to feed. They are a moist and flavorful fish, which makes them another favorite here at FishTales. The firm and meaty texture allows the fish to be particularly good for grilling, BBQ, jerk or pepper crusted seasoning. It is very adaptable to flavors, just don’t overcook it – cook it medium for a juicy piece of fish. Enjoy this fish with Pale Ales, bold reds, or medium bodied Chardonnay.


The Tripletail gets its name from its elongated dorsal and anal fins, which are almost as long as the tail fin, making it appear to have three tails. They are found in many different environments from living in rivers to floating with debris miles offshore. Tripletail meat is white, sweet, and flaky; almost a cross between a Snapper and a Grouper. When it comes to preparing them, less is more. This fish is delicious no matter how you cook it. Typically pan seared, broiled, or blackened. Enjoy this fish with a Pale Ale, Pinot Noir, or Sauvignon Blanc.


Tuna are one of the most common fish you hear of and they inhabit almost ever part of the world. The Tuna family is a large one but at FishTales we typically only source sushi grade Yellowfin and Big-eye Tunas. The Tuna is one of the easiest fish to make because nothing has to be done. Tuna is best served as sashimi (raw), made into sushi, or marinated and grilled served rare. If you don’t prefer raw fish, tuna can be cooked all the way through and will turn to a nice pearly white. Enjoy this fish with a light red or dry Rosé.


Wahoos are one of the fastest swimming fish in the ocean and are found throughout the world. In Hawaii they’re actually known as Ono, which translates to delicious. Wahoo are a very lean fish, so cooking it medium rare is recommended; overcooking can lead to a dry piece of fish. Wahoo is wonderful baked, broiled or poached, but is particularly well suited for grilling. It also makes incredible sashimi, some say better than tuna; this is the preferred way we make it here at FishTales. Enjoy this fish with a glass of Chardonnay, Malbec, or Syrah. This fish can pair well with almost any style of beer.

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