FishTales was founded by Leif Neandross, a native of South Florida and avid local fisherman. Growing up in Jupiter, Florida, in a family of fisherman, Leif acquired a love for the ocean at a very young age. By 20 he was free diving to depths of over 100’ and spent as much time as possible fishing between Florida and the Bahamas. With his vast knowledge of fish, he found it infuriating to see the negligence in the seafood industry. Leif believed everyone should have access to fresh, clean seafood, but instead would see perfect products being improperly handled and not used in their peak state.

While in college, Leif realized a lot of people didn’t care for fish and found it was usually due to them never having tried freshly caught fish. This gave him the idea to create a business that would give people access not only to fresh fish, but different types of fish. It was with this that FishTales was born, with two missions:

•   To provide quality, sustainably caught, fresh fish to the public

•   To expand the average person’s horizons on fish and introduce them to new species they would not have otherwise tried

As a commercial fisherman during his high school years, Leif created relationships with local fisherman that continue to this day. With the help of those relationships, he is able to provide you with a product that is as fresh as humanly possible, and treated with the respect it deserves. FishTales buys only from small vessels and fisherman who show respect to the resources allowing for a wide variety of seafood that is based not on demand, but availability.

With FishTales you’ll receive chef quality portions delivered directly to your door. The ocean provides us with some of the cleanest purest forms of food on the planet, and we want you to enjoy it the way it was meant to be.